Stromme Microfinance East Africa Financial services for the poor

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Head Office

Plot 25, Bukoto Street, Kamwokya,
P.O.Box 27200,
Kampala, Uganda
East Africa



Tel: +256 414 532 840
Fax: +256 414 532 834


We offer loans and financial services to micro-finance institutions

With a vision for a 'World free of poverty', Stromme Microfinance East Africa offers institutional business loans, housing microfinance loans, development loans and more.

We strive to create positive change in the lives of the enterprising poor.

Stromme Microfinance East Africa strives to enhance socio-economic empowerment of the poor through access to financial and non-financial services on a sustainable basis.

Experience the Stories

From shoe makers, agriculture to housing, Stromme Microfinance East Africa has supported a number enterprising poor through our partner micro-finance institutions.


In capacity building support across East Africa, 2016

The capacity building support and interventions in 2016, were worth Ugx 436.17 comprising of grants from Stromme Foundation and utilisation of part of the company's internally generated revenue.

25+ Partners

Stromme Microfinance effects its work in East Africa through funding partners, networks, collaborations and implementing partners.
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View all Partners