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Tumuhirwe Dorah

Tumuhirwe Dorah is a wife to a church minister (Reverand) with 3 children. Her husband’s pastoral work keeps him away from home for a long time. Whereas, her husband’s income was fairly stable she sometimes struggled with basic household needs. She also needed money to support her other relatives. She is a client f KEDEP(U) Ltd, Mityana branch and stays at Katakara village, 20 kms from Mityana.

Dorah was introduced to women’s groups by her friends where she developed business management skills. Using these skills she started saving with the view of starting her own business. Indeed, she shortly started a hardware shop in which she sold a few building materials. The business ia located along the Main street, in Mityana, near Total filling station. She could buy a few bags of cement that she could unpack and sale units as small as a kilo. The sales and profits from this venture were not big enough to realize her goal of self-sustainability. Most of it went to paying rent and buying of basic home needs.

It was at this point that she was introduced to KEDEP (U) Ltd. At KEDEP she secured her first loan of Ugx 3 million shillings loan( USD 899) in 2013. This loan was used to roof her house, and buy 4 calves, 6 piglets and 50 Kroiler chicken. With this boost Dorah saved money that she previously spent on rent and increased her income through the sale of livestock and chicken. This enabled her to offset her loan in a short time.

Dorah later accquired more loans the highest being Ugx 6 million( USD 1,797) that enabled her to further stock her hardware shop and also improve their other family businessess inlcuding a recreation center that her husband had started. Dorah attributes all this success and new life to KEDEP (U) Ltd.

Dorah just like other women in business is faced with a lot of challenges;First is balancing time of business and family (to look after the children); Lack of land titles that could be used to secure bigger loans and Sometimes repayment of loan coincides with other obligations like payment for school fees/rent.

Despite the many challenges, Dorah has time to share her joy with friends. She spends her leisure time going out to the beach, and listening to live band music. She hates people who talk evil about others without proofand those that gossip during time of work.

Her dream is to become a prosperous woman, being able to provide whatever her family may need in time. She plans to further support her husband to construct some structures around the gardens to serve as hotel and lodge to boost their family income.

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